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Editing, importing, searching, synchronising...
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Everything you want to know in a a
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about the iVault Suite.
iVault, the only suite to
  • provide an online (Web) and smartphone solution
  • offer such a level of security for your data
  • work in a web browser on Mac OS, Windows, Linux.
  • Security
  • Your unique vault password is stored nowhere.
  • Strong encryption of your data (values and even field names).
  • No unencrypted data will go thru the internet.
  • Encryption/decryption are local to your machine.
  • We never store and view any unencrypted data on our servers.
  • Some world-wide user comments:
    "Application très pro, qui fait exactement ce qu'on attend d'elle! Sauvegarde sur le serveur est vraiment un plus. Icones très chouettes. A avoir sans hésiter"
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