Keep it safe in an electronic vault, in your Smartphone, all your private information such as passwords, accounts, PINs, addresses... and even secret pictures!
With the server backup and restore option, keep your data on a secure server from a simple click.
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Exclusive features iVault for Smartphone Competition
Quickly take & store encrypted pictures in a vault yes no
Backup/restore on a secured remote site (iVault for Web) yes no
Synchronise with a web version (iVault for Web) yes no
Enjoy the quality translation in 7 languages *
  • English : Already available
  • French: Already available
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • yes partial
    List view and icon view yes no
    Launch the web browser when the you click on a URL link yes no
    Make a call when you click on a phone number yes no
    Show the address in Google map when you click on an address yes no
    Write an email when you click on an email yes no
    Free minor upgrades yes no

    Common features iVault for Smartphone Competition
    Strong encryption (256-bit Blowfish) yes some
    Organise your information in 43 predefined forms (also called "cards ") yes some
    Modify the existing field names according to your needs yes partial
    Associate the cards/forms with more than 53 exclusive built-in icons yes yes
    Organise your cards in different folders (also called "categories "). You may also use one of the 26 predefined categories. yes yes
    Import data from CSV file (via iVault for Web) yes some
    Search in cards yes yes
    Auto-lock after predefined time and when mobile is shaked. yes non
    Fieldnames and values are encrypted (competition may only encrypts the value!) yes some

    * Available soon.